E-commerce tools

LiveChat works out well as a e-commerce live chat software. You will be able to identify potential buyers and engage them while keeping track of your LiveChat-related purchases.


You will be able to track all the chats that led to a sale using the goals feature. You can set up any beneficial conditions you want to reach, e.g. a sale or a sign up, and automatically tie them to chats. Whenever that goal is reached during a conversation, LiveChat will let you know.

Goals are the best way to calculate the ROI of your chat. They also work great if your agents receive commission according to their sales – you will know exactly how many sales a particular agents made.

Sales information

LiveChat offers valuable sales information like the referring pageor current location directly in the chat window. You can use this extra data to close sales more effectively.

Additionally, you can use various 3rd party integrations to pull detailed contact information from your own databases and display it in LiveChat.

Targeting visitors from campaigns

LiveChat allows you to automatically reach out to potential customers who entered your website through a particular marketing campaign. Simply create a custom invitation that will fire when somebody uses a link tied to the campaign or enters from a particular referring page.

E-commerce integrations

Use our e-commerce integrations to connect LiveChat with sales tools you already use. We have a range of plugins for popular e-commerce platforms as well as a number of analytics and CRM integrations available. For example, you can see how big of an impact your LiveChat makes in Google Analytics.

More LiveChat features

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