Getting feedback

See how satisfied your customers are. They can leave a rate after a finished chat or ticket and also provide additional comments in post-chat surveys.

Chat ratings

At any point during a chat, your customers can use the intuitive ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ buttons to rate the service. Chat ratings show the agents if they are doing a good job and give you valuable information on the state of your customer service.

LiveChat offers a dedicated report for customer satisfaction. Additionally, you can filter the archived chats to find conversations that were rated negatively. This will allow you to spot common problems and offer feedback to your agents.

Rating comments

When rating an agent, visitors can leave short comments that give you additional information on what went right or wrong during a chat.

Ticket ratings

All tickets can also be rated. Customers who had their case escalated to a ticket can rate the interaction after the ticket has been resolved.

To increase the number of ticket ratings you receive, an automatic rating request can be sent after the ticket has been resolved.

Post-chat surveys

You can gather more detailed feedback after each chat using post-chat surveys. Use them to introduce a more detailed rating system, e.g. a five-point scale, ask specific questions about the received service or leave a comment field for the customer to fill out.

Satisfaction stats

See your customer service at a glance by reviewing LiveChat reports. You can see the performance of your customer service team by accessing a summary of their activities using the basic stats report as well as other chat and tickets reports.

More LiveChat features

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