Reports and analytics

Know which parts of your service need improving by using reports available in LiveChat. These built-in analytics will help you keep track of important chat and ticket metrics.

Basic statistics

The bread and butter of the reporting module. This report gives you a rundown of your customer service activities from the last seven days.

It offers a great way to catch up with the state of your customer service and gives you access to crucial customer service metrics about your chats and tickets.

Chat and Ticket reports

Information about the chats you had and the tickets you handled for your customers.


All reports can be stored to a CSV file for all your number-crunching needs. You can also set up on-demand and scheduled reports to get all your customer service data right to your email’s inbox.

The exportable reports cover areas such as
Chats, Surveys, Queue abandonment, Goals and Tickets and can be set to recur every day, week or month.


All of the listed reports can be filtered to show the results for a specific list of conditions. These conditions include: time, agent tied to the chat or ticket, a particular group and tag assigned to a chat or ticket.

You can also choose to view your data in the 24-hour distribution mode. It shows you which parts of the day are the busiest or slowest for your agents. For example, you can see the hours when they receive the most chats or tickets.

Reports via API

LiveChat’s API can be used to pull reports without using the application. This will help you build your own custom analytics by feeding LiveChat data directly to your infrastructure.

Daily summary

Receive daily reports about your LiveChat activities directly to your email. Short daily summary will keep you posted on the number of served chats and will let you know how many of those chats went good or bad.


See your stats at a glance by using the LiveChat Dashboard. It contains the most crucial metrics you need to keep an eye on, including your chat and tickets volume, customer satisfaction and response time. Perfect for displaying on a TV screen!

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