Team management

LiveChat comes with a range of managerial tools that will help you organize the work of your agents and allow you to keep tabs on the way they chat.

Agent account management

Freely create and manage LiveChat accounts for your customer service team. You can create as many agent accounts for as many agents as you wish.

Agent roles

Each LiveChat user can have one of the three available roles: Owner, Administrator or Agent.

Owners can modify each aspect of a LiveChat license. Only the Owners can access and modify the payments options. There is always only one Owner on a license.

Administrators are similar to Owners, i.e. they can modify and manage a license but they cannot access the billing options.

Agents handle chats from customers and have limited access to settings and reports.


You can assign your agents to handle chats for particular departments only. For example, you can route all sales chats to your sales department.

Dividing your LiveChat into these groups will allow you to separate different kinds of customer service activities like sales and support. It will allow you to filter chat archives and reports to show data for those groups.

Chat supervision

You can check on your agents by covertly observing their chats. While supervising, you will be able to see everything an agent does during a chat without the customer or the agent knowing.

You can also use the supervision feature to whisper advice to agents during a chat, which allows you to train new agents without running the risk of leaving a customer without an answer.

Work scheduler

You can control the times when your agents are logged in to the LiveChat application by configuring the work scheduler. When the work scheduler is enabled, the status of your agents will be automatically set either to accept or to not accept chats when they start or end their shifts.

The work scheduler allows you to set shifts for weekdaysweekends or each day separately. You can also configure night shifts that start on one day and end on the next.

Concurrent chat limit

You can set a limit on the number of chats an agent can have at one time. This way, you can make sure that rookie agents don’t get swamped by too many chats.

More LiveChat features

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