Ticketing system

LiveChat comes with a built-in online ticketing system. It allows you to handle all your support activities from one place. If a chat can’t be resolved in one touch, agents can escalate it to a ticket to deal with it later.

Ticket sources

There are several ways you can get tickets in LiveChat. You can create tickets on the fly during a conversation with a customer. If you forgot to create a ticket during a chat, you can always do it later in the archives.

You can also forward your support emails as tickets directly to LiveChat. Additionally, you can use Facebook and Twitter as extra sources of support enquiries.

Internal comments

When collaborating on a ticket with the rest of your team, you don’t have to move your communication outside of LiveChat. You can use private comments that are invisible to your customers but are visible to other members of the team.

By keeping your internal communication connected to the ticket, you will be able to easily jump in at any point of the support process since all the crucial information is readily available.

Tagging tickets

To streamline your ticketing activities, you can assign tags to tickets to easily identify them later on. Tickets can be sorted by a specific tag to give you a better outlook on your cases. You can also look up crucial customer service data related to particular ticket tag.

Ticket ratings

Your customers can let you know if they are satisfied with the received service by rating their tickets. You can check the number of good and bad ratings for a particular period or agent in the reports.

LiveChat can automatically remind customers about rating the solved tickets to make sure you get the full picture.

Ticket reports and analytics

LiveChat automatically keeps track of all your ticket-related activities and presents the data in several reports and analytics. Using these reports, you will be able to tell where you get your tickets, how many of them are solved and if your customers are satisfied after getting their cases solved.

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