Live chat feature on website for customer support service is an integral part of any business. The small business firm’s owners mostly manage their customer support service themselves while medium and large scale businesses owners either hire in house or outsource to specialized companies to manage their customer support service. In today’s fast-paced era and increased use of Social Media and other communication tools, users in general expect a business to act fast and offer instant support for their queries.

The customers play a vital role in the growth of the firm, help to grow the customer base and spread the word about you. There are many e-commerce company’s websites that have been adding online chat feature to their help desk software to provide a real time support rather than having their worthy customers leave their websites. Real time support chatting with a customer support expert i.e. live chat feature not only builds customers’ confidence during their online purchase, but also helps to improve the conversion rates of your website. According to a study, 68% of consumers engage in live chat and 63% of online consumers prefer getting back to a website having the live chat option for repeat purchase.

To cope up with the latest trends in your business, it is important for a firm to offer a brilliant Support to their worthy customers through online chat software. This is also one of the reasons. There are many E-commerce businesses today that build their stores on various sites and social media like Facebook, as it allows them to instantly resolve queries and interact with their customers. Online Chat feature is still an untapped potential that can not only boost your business sales but also help you understand your visitor’s demand and behaviour towards your products and services on your website. Below are few main reasons we think every online business installed live chat feature on website:

  • Don’t wait for support agent respond in 24 hours

As there are many communication tools like email, phone call and social media platforms to provide the customer support. And email is still a preferred method of communication for support. But there is a logic, why keep your customers waiting for 24 hours when they need instant help? With the help of live chat feature, you can not only speed up the checkout process by answering the customer’s queries instantly but also you can provide a fast and efficient technical support to existing consumers.

  • Let your customers just connect with you

Online chat feature helps you to greet your consumers pro-actively while they are going through your website by using the auto greetings function automatically and this feature also allows your customers to chat with your support agent anonymously without providing their personal details like email address or phone number. This feature specifically helps during sales of the products and services.

  • Turn your website visitors into buyers

A well planned marketing strategy and proper sales campaigns can help you to achieve your sales and your business targets, but sometimes you still lose a lot of website visitors who don’t purchase your products and services. The live chat option on your website allows you to not only monitor your website visitors at the time they browse your website, but also integrate well with third party services like, let you analyse the traffic patterns better and helps in Google Analytics. According to a study, more than 30% website visitors purchase the products and services instantly after chatting with a real-time support agent, who guides them properly in what type of service they really need. Moreover, live chat software can also help you to customize how to interact with your clients during their online purchase.

  • Helps you to say goodbye to long queue and frustrated customers

The traditional phone call support gets slammed with hundreds of queued calls in a day, when you are running a promotion or if there is a problem and technical issues regarding the service. This had been a challenge for many business firms who can’t afford to hire large number of support agents and end up in having a frustrated customer platform. But with the help of online chat support, you can not only assist your customer base instantly but also save them from the long hassles of going through the long IVR. From a customer’s point-of-view, live chat feature can turn them into a happy customer. And from business’s perspective, live chat software helps one step towards achieving your goal for world class and best customer support.

  • Helps in increase the business credibility

As the live chat software enables your customers to interact with real agent instantly and easily through a chat box. As a result, it increases customer satisfaction and make your business firm more credible. Having an online chat feature on your website is just like a win-win for your business venture and for your customers.

  • Supports in growing business venture

One of the challenges that a small business firm face is providing an effective customer support to their customer base without having too much expense. If the company offers a phone support to their customers and have a small office location with limited staff capacity, this can create a hurdle for your business. With the help of the live chat software, your support agents can not only handle more customers in a time but you can also increase your support team with minimum cost. Also, it is easier to train a new agent on Live Chat software than on the phone calls.


Customer support service is a continuous process that lays business ventures to be a successful firm having proper tools & training also you can make your customers happy with effective support platforms like live chat software. For instance, just like LiveChatInc have their online presence in form of website and it is extremely important for them to open all the doors for their clients and hear what they have to say. Thus, online chat feature is one of the core communication channels that hold paramount importance in business ventures.

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