In today’s modern world, businesses are engaging with more and more customers through various online communication channels and social media platforms. Now, more than ever, businesses need to fully support the online customer experience and provide them with quality online support to save their precious time and increase their sales. In addition to phone callphysically, emailself-service, and video customer support channels, live help online through various live chat software is a great tool for online customer support that can helps to decrease the customer’s pain points, lead to happier customers, increased conversions, reduce support service cost, and a reduction in service costs.

Live chat is one of the best ways to get instant communication with the technical and support agents of a company. It has become not only the leading method for online support service but it also yields to the highest satisfaction rates among the business customers. When the customers engage with a live chat service agent, the overall experience that the customer faces is quick and simple. Customers welcome the ability to easily enter order numbers and confirmation codes into the chat box that is visible on the website for faster support service. Customers can continue browsing with the support agent and easily view the online content or the products and services while chatting. Furthermore, they can easily carry that support the entire way through checkout option overall. Online chat service brings very few interruptions to the customer’s entire online experience.

Not only do the consumers or website visitors love live chat, in fact, businesses love it too. By adding the live help online feature on the website will boost the sales up to 30%. With the wide variety of choices that customers have online, a customer at the stage where an item is in their cart is a big deal! If a customer gets to that point and needs support, the likelihood of them on other communication tools like making a phone call or sending an email is quite low. But it is highly likely to use and serve live chat service because of its immediacy and it saves time of the customers as well as of the particular business firm. The cost per interaction of online chat service is lower than most alternative communication tools like phone or email support. Because of the quicker response times, the support agents spend less time on per customer’s interaction and thus each interaction takes up less of the agent’s time, which reduces the need for extra agents in the industry.

Online Chat app also provides conversation summaries, detailed reports, and full transcripts for every customer interaction that happens with the support agent. The company can use these transcripts to gain full advantage in order to learn and better serve your customers’ needs regarding the goods and services.

According to a report, 44 % of online consumers say that having questions answered by a real agent while in the middle of an online purchase of goods and services is one of the most important features that an e-commerce website can offer. But should your business use live chat software for customer’s support? Here are three benefits of online chat software to consider:

  • Offer a live online customer support 

By adding online chat software to your website as a new tool of communication between your customer support services, help desk, call centre agents and your website visitors to improve your response times and make your team more efficient and reliable.

  • Reduce the customer support service costs 

Providing the online customer support via online chat application as an alternative to other modes of communication like traditional phone, e-mail, and social media platforms is not only preferred by your customers, but it’s also more cost effective and time saving.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty towards business

By adding the live chat feature on the website increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your goods and services. The typical response time to customer inquiries via the phone call, e-mail or from social media communication is over 24 hours, and many go completely unanswered. Web based live chat provides the support or help immediately, by letting your customers know that your firm cares about all their needs and satisfaction.

  • Help to convert more visitors into permanent customers

With online chat feature, you can convert your website to a place where people go to learn about you, your business firm, to a place (live chat box) where you are building strong relationships with each and every website visitor, and converting those relationships into sales and leads. Rather than having the potential customer you can simply observe your marketing tools, you can let them interact directly with your business, or collect the essential information you need to improve your business culture.

  • Help in proactive Sales

Live chat software helps the firm in proactive sales. Why wait for website visitors to request support when support agent can proactively assist them online? With a click of a mouse, technical and support agent can automatically open a live chat window on their computer and provide a complete support or close a sale of your business.

  • Help to answer pre-sales questions of every customer

If the potential visitor of your website has a question regarding the product and services or want any type of technical help, chances are if they don’t get it answered right away, they will leave and never come back. But live chat software gives customers a one-click chat window to getting their questions answered in a couple of time.


If your organization would benefit from a more intelligent, more efficient, and more responsive customer support service tool, you should be considering online chat software for your business website. Of course, live chat is just one tactic for delivering exceptional customer service. LiveChatInc is a company incorporated in delivering specialized, powerful, elegant and beautiful, chat software. Go for a free trial now!

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