The live chat support tool is used to process the online request send by the customers through different channels such as portals, websites, blog, and social media sites. The tool helps the live chat agents to receive requests through the online ticket. Customers keep on switching the channels to research the product they want to buy. On the other hand, the live chat agents use a single medium to work on the requests and find an appropriate solution. The customer’s data is collected by-

  • Proactive chat that helps the agent to strike a conversation with the customer who is available online on the website and is looking to buy a product or service.
  • Frequent social media monitoring that helps the company to figure out the expectations, needs, and requirements of the customers.
  • Setting up alerts to respond to the online request filed by the customer.
  • Analyzing and determining optimum marketing strategy to drive business and provide consistent online services.

According to a recent study conducted by Crazy egg, the live chat software has shown an increase in the conversion rates if used properly. 29% of the online consumers had a positive live chat experience. While 38% of the consumers prefer to buy from a company if they offer live chat support, and 51% of the consumers will definitely buy again from a company that offers live chat support.The purpose of using live chat services is not only to provide high-quality customer service but to use it to analyze the effectiveness of the marketing strategies implemented by the company.

The data and information of the consumer are collected by employing two methods-Qualitative and Quantitative.

  • Qualitative method- After a thorough discussion, the team of experts comes to a conclusion. Context is generated after a thorough discussion between the experts. The data, facts, and figures collected by the agents are analyzed in order to determine what action the company should take to achieve the desired results and set the long terms goals for the future.
  • Quantitative method- In this method, the data is collected through statistics, mathematical and numerical analysis. The data is collected by using an online poll, survey or question asked by the live chat agent.

These methods help a company to calculate their profits and loss in an effective manner which helps them to stay prepared for the future. With the help of the live support for website, a company can measure their monthly or annual earnings that are coming from the online website. Not only this, the company can also keep an accurate count of the following-

  • Online traffic generated by the website.
  • The number of new and old customers/ online visitors.
  • The number of customers a company is able to retain.
  • The total number of web page views.
  • The total sales and profits generated through the online website.
  • The total amount of money a company is losing.

Choosing the right live chat services is as important for a company that has just started its business as it is for a well-established organization. As the technology transforms, the customer demands new and improved solutions without costing them anything. Nowadays, good live chat service provides a complete package to its online customers which include-

  • 24/7 live chat services.
  • The team of live chat professionals.
  • Ticketing solutions.
  • Basic social channel.
  • Satisfaction surveys.
  • Domain Mapping.
  • Time Tracking
  • Multilingual Help desk.
  • Templates for tickets, e-mails, and texts.
  • Community forums.
  • Online reports.
  • CSS Customization.
  • Data center.
  • Bug tracker integration.
  • CRM integration.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Customized dashboards.
  • Multi-channel support.
  • Third- party integration.

The live support for website offers the following advantages to the online customers-

  • Proactive chat– This feature allows the live chat experts to reach out to the target-audience and start a conversation convincing them to buy new products and services from the company. This way the agent does not have to wait for the customer to start the chat and the customer gets the option to either ‘chat now’ or ‘later.’ It is a great way to make the customer feel satisfied and engaged. The agent can choose from a number of templates and send out a smart invitation.
  • Communication– The online customer needs to click on a button to easily communicate with the agent in real-time. The customer can also send an inquiry in case there are no live chat agents available online by leaving their e-mail ID, and contact number. They can choose a particular department depending on the nature of their inquiry and type their question.
  • Website monitoring– It allows the agents to track traffic patterns and see which search engine the customer is using, along with the keywords used to reach the website. The agent can also see the previous chat history, time spent by the visitor on the company’s website, and browsing history to analyze the customer’s online behavior.
  • Agent Console– The live chat apps come with the support of a panel which simplifies the use of all the functions needed by the chat agent. This way the agent can get the IP address and location of the customer, chat history, and the customer’s basic details at the same place.
  • Dashboard– The dashboard allows the live chat agents to use the self-generating scripts and view the statistical data in an easy way. The dashboard consists of various options such as-inline chat, dialogue chat, charts and reports, auto distribution, and general settings which allows the agent to set the number of operating hours and set a pre-defined schedule to execute the work in a systematic order. The dashboard also allows the company to monitor the online activity of the agents. The company keeps a track of the number of minutes the agent was offline and the time took by them to resolve an issue.

The live chat service providers such as LiveChatInc work with a team of experts driven by passion and commitment. The customers can easily avail the free trial online by just a click and use the live chat app for free of cost.

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