The probability, along with unified communications, has cleared through the firm to facilitating users and become accessible and productive. Integrating these competencies in the business methodologies and holds the guarantee of significantly more profits and earnings for those technology ventures. Then again, for any latest technology program to be really viewed as effective and beneficial for the firm’s growth, users need to adopt and use its abilities and effectiveness. As to mobile technologies, we now have a good knowledge base to monitor and make this happen.

The trouble with online purchasing is that many online customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real-time and real agent with precision. Rather than watching the potential customers click away from their websites, many e-commerce firms have been adding live chat application. As it turns out, live chat application has the ability to provide the convenient answers in a better way that every customer wants, while it also adding significant benefits to the support team and bottom line of each and every company.

What is an 
online chat application? In simple words, the definition is, the main and significant purpose of live chat application is to enable business ventures to manage, organize and track customer records or requests using a single and beneficial platform. Likewise, the online chat software or application consolidates the customer’s issues and conversations, either the issues in minor or major, and associate them with customer records. The main feature of online chat application is the ticketing system, which transforms customer emails, calls, social posts and chat messages into tickets and routed to agents for immediate access.

Basically, customer service application is at the forefront of all business firms. It is important for the better customer satisfaction, the faster and the more effective service for whatever the type of organisation is, whether the firm is catering to internal end users or to the external clients.

Online service or support application allows support teams to simplifying the way they handle and manage support tickets. The chat application contributes to improved customer satisfaction. There is some key for your online chat platform that doesn’t cut it, such as:

  • Application for mobile devices

In today’s modern era, everything tends to change. With the migration of the majority of the internet use from computers or desktops to mobile phones, having the application for the android users and IOS users, these two are most commonly used mobile device operating systems, just doesn’t cut in anymore. The use of online support application lets you deal with the support request, even when you are not near a computer. In this way, chat application makes your customer service more flexible. You don’t have to log out, even when there is no team member is in front of your screen.

  • Proactive chat invitations

It is one of the main tools that online support application uses for engagement, i.e. sending a proactive invitation. It means, when a visitor has been active on your website even for a little while, a message which can be automated or not, is through the online chat software and letting your visitors know that the support agent is available to answer any question the visitors might have. This means that the online support software works more effectively and converts more website visitors into permanent customers. Not every chat application has this tool or feature, but given its effectiveness, it’s fair to say that it’s a feature that a chat application simply has to have.

  • Clients can access their chats even when they are offline

This is also one of the best features of the chat application. Even outside of your working hours, the visitors of your website don’t have to leave without the customer support. The chat application provides you the option to keep your chat operating, even if your client doesn’t get an immediate access. That’s why it is the best idea to adopt a platform that allows messages to be sent outside from the working hours. When there is no one online to answer to your website visitors, you can opt for an automatic response (some already generated templates) and then answer the query the next day.


  • Possibility to deal with several clients at the same time

There is no reason for exchanging the telephone support for chat application if one its biggest advantages can’t be exploited i.e. dealing with more than one client at the same time. If the support platform or tool doesn’t allow for this option or advantage, it makes no sense to use it. There are some of the clients will be left the online portal instead of waiting for a long time.

  • Client’s history

Another one of the strong points of online support application, a feature that is petty useful for any business venture, is that you can integrate it with your system and export the useful information about your clients to help them with your marvellous support service. This makes the conversation more productive, it means the client does not have to give their details every time they connect to the support application, but has to access to information about past visits, issues and purchases. And, this maintains the broad picture of the relationship between the company and the buyer.


With the live chat application, you can create automated processes that help you to serve your website visitors in a better way and furnish them with fast and quality service. Moreover, you can get the access to the entire communication history in your panel. LiveChatInc is the firm that offers a number of live chat applications that can make the friendly environment for your business venture. The environment like there is less work for you, and has better customer service.

So, instead of manually replying to the number of e-mails and calculating the response time, you can focus on live chat applications and create more loyal customers for your brand.

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