We are moving more and more towards live chat support because it makes it easier for us to quickly fix the problem.” –David Freer.

In the year 2009, which is now almost a decade ago, the majority of the businesses provided one or two basic virtual interactions, namely web forms, and emails.

Since then there have been a ton of modifications. Business interacts with users not just through live chat but also via other online chatting apps like on social media and via online messaging.

With this relatively fresh variety of interaction options, we are getting more questions about the perks of live chat over the messaging modes. In today’s world of many competing products and system, it can be tough to figure out the one that is right for you, your brand, and most importantly for your clients.

Let’s get into the forms of interaction and figure out the reasons for ourselves:


How does it work?

It works pretty simply, you just have to add your email address to your site and people who visit your website can use the mentioned email address to reach out to you. A contact form embedded in your site can also route the client messages to your email system, which does not give out the address.


  • Everyone, almost, is aware of email and of also how to use it.
  • Assuming that you check your email and employ the use of filters as well as forwarding, it gets fairly easy to get the message to the relevant person.
  • You do not have to worry about someone to be around to respond immediately.


  • Your response to the customer can easily get lost in the spam folders.
  • If a client enters an incorrect email address when employing the use of the form, there will be no way to reply to them.
  • Long email threads are a comprehension as well as a navigational nightmare.
  • Customers do not know when they can expect a reply.

For the customers, emailing to a company can give the feeling of casting a note into the black hole.

Online messaging

How does it work?

You buy a software subscription that adds a small button or box to your site’s web page that invites the customers and visitors to leave a message.


  • Minimum effort for the customers.
  • The website comes across as friendly as well as invites interactions and that is great for sales and success.
  • You do not have to think about having someone present to respond to the messages immediately.


  • Similar to email, your customers do not have a way of ascertaining the time of reply.
  • If the widget comes across as a chat box then the customer might get annoyed when they find out that they must wait for a reply.

The matter can get worse for your site’s reputation when there is a vague long wait time or last seen dates from days ago, it can be extremely disappointing.

Live Chat

How does it work?

You buy a software subscription just like online messaging apps that adds a small button or box to your site’s webpage. The button or box only provides the customers with the option to chat with your agents when you are actually available online. Lest it displays an offline message form.


  • Transparency: Customers have the knowledge about when you are available so they get a better sense of how fast you will reply.
  • Efficiency: Real-time interaction is the most rapid way to resolve issues and address complicated product queries.
  • Human connection: Live chat gives the feeling of a real-life conversation so that you can establish the same kind of rapport that you had to expect in in-person communication.


  • You need agents to be available round the clock to reply to the chat requests.
  • As the chat is quick-paced than asynchronous interaction, the agents have to be able to reply to the queries fast.

The major difference between live chat and other online messengers

The primary difference between a live chat system and other messengers is the audience that your business can reach. Live chat allows your visitors to contact the support agents on a particular website while the online messengers allow you to communicate with other members of the social media.

Live chats are designed primarily to offer support to anonymous, semi-anonymous site visitors such as assisting with issues, offering product details and much more.

While on the other hand, people normally employ the use of online messengers to chat with the others present in their friend or contact list.

Needs for live chat system

With online chatting apps like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, you have to download as well as install a program on your computer or phone prior to using the feature of chat, if you want to use such applications to offer chat support to your site visitors and customers then you may discover that most of them do not possess the needed applications.

This means that some of your users may not be able to reach you when they want. With live chat, there is no need for your site users to download or install anything, they do not have to spend a penny for the real-time assistance they need. All they need is an internet connection.

Should I use live chat?

Well, I think YES! Live chat is awesome, especially because of the features that LiveChatInc provides for better engagement.

In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with customers.” –Forrester

With live chat when your customers need a solution then live chat real-time interaction can help give them what they need and right at the time they need it.

If you truly want to connect with your brand users then live chat software is the way to go, start with a free trial to experience the benefits for yourself.

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