Customer support acts as a backbone of all the online organizations that wish to build a strong customer base. Even a person cannot imagine starting a new organization without keeping customer service area in mind. All the firms around the globe give top priority to this area and gain a lot of advantages. It is the best way by which companies can uplift their income as well as revenue. People from different field of work are given training so that they can handle all the customers with patience. Moreover, online live chatting apps can work accurately only if agents know how to perform their duty properly.

E-commerce is a vast field and it is growing every day with great advancements. There are no different rules in the online business as the perception and approach to do the work is same as the other firms. Earlier all the companies were unable to satisfy the customer properly, but with the arrival of online live chatting apps everything changed. With the advent of the live chat application, online organizations tend to add more customers to the business. Most of the customers were unable to communicate through online chat because for them installing the software was not easy. But now, with the increase in competition in the online market, all the live chat tools have become effective for all the users. Various people shop online and are tension free because they can communicate with chat agents at any point in time. According to one survey, the number of people who prefer online shopping is increasing rapidly.

Below are a few reasons why online chat is no longer an option in client service-

The service of live chat provides better results to the customer in less time. According to a recent research, 44% of online clients say that having the queries solved by a live chat agent in the middle of online purchasing is one of the most significant characteristics a website can provide. There are two kinds of customers that like to take assistance from live chat agents. The first is the possible buyers that would like to buy things online all the time. Below are the most general situations where the potential client uses the live chat-

If they want to know all the information regarding various products online.

If they face any trouble with specific products that are present on the site.

If customers want to compare the products.

We can say that more than 38% of online customers were able to decide their product after communicating with agents. It is vital to understand that live chat agents play a vital role in boosting the goodwill of an organization, so companies should train them properly.

The second group is the current clients who use live chat service. Problems for which live chat agents are contacted-

Customers that like to track their order.

Customers that wish to know the return policy.

Clients that want to give suggestions regarding the improvement of their services.

1. Saves the time of agent- Time is very essential for all the organizations and live chat agents are more proficient because they are available round the clock for help. They can clear the log of client’s problems earlier than ever before.

2. Saves customer time- Live chat is very beneficial for the customers as they will be able to look for all the answers while sitting at home. All the agents give exact guidance to the customers so that they can choose the best option for themselves. Providing live chat service means more clients- some might not have been able to reach out to the agent for a variety of issues but with the help of live chat, the clients will be able to contact you anyway.

3. Offers fruitful resolution- When it comes to the phone conversation, live chat agents may or may not answer on the spot. When it comes to the online chat, the interaction takes place in real-time, the agent can take time to think the best possible outcome that can satisfy the customer properly. Even customers can get more information from the articles and blogs that are written by the expert so that customers can work accurately.

4. It becomes easy to solve the complex issues- During the conversation, a customer can easily share the file as well as an attachment in the chat window that can help in receiving the correct resolution in less time. It also aids to keep all assets linked with the conversation in one place.

5. Live chat can be a better conversation gateway- It is an easy tool that leads to various conversations. Live chat can also provide audio conversations, so clients do not have to end up chat, look for their phone, find a phone number, dial it, and navigate a phone number.

Certain things to be kept in mind before adding the service of live chat-

It is suggested that companies should have enough online chat agent available for the majority of the working day. Moreover, if the agent is not working sincerely or is offline all the time, then it will leave a negative impact on customers. Online agents should remember that they are the face of a company.

All the companies should train their agents properly so that they can deliver correct information to the customers. Even firms should conduct chat session so that agents can learn more about product data and the services that are offered by the company. Just like LiveChatInc that trains their agents in the best possible way and makes sure that they handle all the chats accurately.

Play the human card- The main aim of keeping up the live chat on the website is to bring in human assistance to customer’s purchasing experience.

Delivering robotic response can kill the efficiency of live chat service. Human touch helps in increasing the sale.

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