Your data is safe when using LiveChat. Every connection to LiveChat is encrypted. No matter if it’s the agent logging in or a visitor starting a chat, the exchanged data is always secure.


Each connection to LiveChat is encrypted with 256bit SSL protocol, both for agents using the application and customers using the chat window on your website.

Credit card masking

If you don’t want to process any payment information via LiveChat, you can block credit card numbers from showing up in the application.

LiveChat can detect when a customer enters his or her credit card number and can mask it if you want. Only the last couple of digits will be revealed for identification purposes.

When credit card masking is enabled, the numbers will also be hidden in the chat archives.

Access restriction

To ensure that your agents log in to the application only on secure machines, you can limit the access to your LiveChat to a selected pool of IP addresses. This gives you a guarantee that agents only use devices that have been appropriately secured.

This doubles as an additional security measure that will keep anyone undesirable from logging in to your LiveChat, even if they somehow get the credentials of one of your agents.

Logging in with Google Accounts

You can improve the security of your LiveChat by using your Google Account to log in. When logging in with Google, you won’t need to remember yet another password. Simply log in with the password you use daily for your email account.

2-step Verification

When using your Google Account to log in to LiveChat, you can use its 2-step verification process to make it even more secure.

When the 2-step verification is enabled, agents need to type in an additional code sent by Google after providing their credentials.

By making the log in with Google mandatory on your license, you can make sure that no unauthorized logins will go through.

Data center Europe

European companies can now choose to keep their data in the European Union. It means that their data is protected by the Data Protection Directive and the e-Privacy Directive.

Thanks to two data centers in Germany and Netherlands, we have doubled the level of protection and our storage capacity in Europe. It gives European companies maximum data safety.

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