With so many online stores cropped up in the internet business, it is difficult to sustain and make business in this field. Unless the company has some additional feature or exceptional service, it is difficult to retain the client and gain permanent customers. A survey has identified that most significant reason for clients switching services or products is the quality of service they get from their sellers. Either the company was unable to deliver the product on time or the customers have not been treated well. Moreover, a new firm should make a strong customer support team so that all the clients are handled properly.

Live services, indicates the support that is offered to all the customers round the clock. Even setting customer service baseline and then hitting them is vital for not only delivering on your goal of providing great customer service, but it helps in evaluating how the support team is performing. The live customer support gives a platform to all the clients that wish to communicate directly with the company.

1. If we pay less attention towards the customers, then there is a high possibility that they will lose confidence and will look for any other seller. That is why all the online sites should offer live and immediate support to the existing clients.

2. When the new visitor enters the site, the agents just have 20-30 seconds to grab their attention and showcase your deliverables. So it is suggested to get all the new visitors and tell them about the service.

3. After placing the order it is believed that companies are not much bothered about customers, but this is not the right way to serve your customers. One should look after the need of a customer all the time.

Useful tips when starting to use a live customer service program-

• A company should have one operator that can work daily.

• Train the team in such a way that they are able to handle customers properly. Make sure that all the chat agents have complete knowledge about products so that they can give answers to the customer’s query.

• provide human help to the customers at the time of shopping so that they are able to find a better solution. One should not provide a robotic response to the customers, as it will kill the effectiveness of the chat.

• Try to analyze and track the most common issues that are faced by customers.

• Make sure that the company is tracking the performance of the agents properly.

• Engage the new visitors in the site so that they can connect with the agent properly.

As per the study of American Express investigation, 55% of the client has planned to make a purchase but ultimately backed out because of the bad service experience. A Get Satisfaction investigation further discovered that 71% of client ultimately ended a business relationship because of the poor service; on the other hand, 61% shifted their work to a rival brand due to such a bad experience. The data may be frightening, but a client is also eager to provide a second opportunity when the brand put in all the efforts to identify them.

All the customers want to have a good experience, which means that they should be given a proper solution in less time. Even the companies should try to provide good customer experience to their budding clients.

Below are some ways in which brand can efficiently address the tough client service situation-

• Communicate with agents and know their side of story- Before a live chat, the agent performs any task they require to get more educated about the condition. It is suggested that companies should communicate with the agents and ask them about what happened.

• Provide an apology over the phone- for building strong relationships, it is vital for the agents to provide positive customer experience. That is why agents can say sorry to the customers, so as to resolve the dispute.

• Ask for customers’ need- A client may not essentially know the better solution to the issue, but most of the customers do have a thought of what they require and may even take their anxiety a step further and ask some type of compensation for their problems. That is why agents should listen to the customer proactively and should assist with proper solution. One can offer great discounts to the potential customers so as to uplift the goodwill of an organization.

• Provide effective solutions- once the situation has been correctly examined, all the chat agents should provide tempting resolution to the clients. Offering them with good service will make the customers feel delightful and satisfied. Even they would like to come back again and shop from your site.

• Address the issue within the company- Client service cases must never be measured as one-time issue to mend and overlook. Organizations should ensure that all the cases are well studied, shared across departments and then worked on to stop such problems from happening again. A company can update FAQs on the company’s site and agents can change the script so that they can communicate with customers through various channels.

• Do listen to the customer and show empathy- it is one of the simple steps that all live customer service should follow. All the chat representatives should listen to the customer properly so that they can know what actual problem is. LiveChatInc is one name, that can help you with all the solutions regarding 24/7 live support, ticketing system and full chat customization.

At last, there are a lot of ways to mend a poor client service condition but possibly the good way is to stop them from occurring altogether. Make sure your organization has the right client support software solutions and provide training to agents about how to disperse conditions.

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